Blaise Aguera Y Arcas

Vice President & Fellow at Google Research Cerebra

Memo Akten

Artist, Programmer, Assistant Professor of Visual Arts at UCSD

Raphael Arar

Designer, Researcher, & Artist, Alternatives Lead at One Project

Konstantin Batygin

Astrophysicist & Professor of Planetary Science at Caltech  

Feryal Behbahani

Neuroscientist, Programmer & Research Scientist at DeepMind

Jonathan Blake 

Political Scientist & Fellow at the Berggruen Institute

Nicolay Boyadjiev

Architect, Creative Director & Studio Director, Antikythera

Ray Brassier

Philosopher & Author of Nihil Unbound: Enlightenment and Extinction, Beirut

Benjamin Bratton 

Philosopher of Technology, Professor at UC San Diego & Director of Antikythera

Joanna Bryson 

Professor of Ethics and Technology, Hertie School of Governance

Holly Jean Buck

Professor of Environment & Sustainability, University of Buffalo

Jimena Canales

Professor of History of Science at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

AA Cavia

Artist, Computer Scientist & Author, Logiciel, Berlin

Ben Cerveny

Strategist, Designer, President of the Foundation for Public Code

Clapperton Chakanetsa Mavhunga

Professor of Science, Technology and Society, MIT

Dipesh Chakrabarty

Historian, Professor & Author, University of Chicago

Manuel Delanda

Philosopher & Professor, Princeton, UPenn (retired)

Daniel Deng

Strategist and Team Lead for Community Partnerships at One Project

David Eaves

Policy Entrepreneur, Activist & Educator, University College London

Beatrice Fazi

Philosopher & Reader in Digital Humanities, University of Sussex

Yakov Feygin

Historian & Economist, Berggruen Institute

Peter Galison

Historian, Physicist & Philosopher, Harvard

Bernard Dionysious Geoghegan

Historian & Author, King’s College London

Nils Gilman

VP of Programs at Berggruen Institute & Deputy Editor at Noema Magazine

Ken Goldberg

Artist & Roboticist, UC Berkeley

Katherine Hayles

Professor of Literature,  Duke (retired)

Holly Herndon & Mat Dryhurst

Artists, Musicians, Software Designers & founders of Interdependence

Helen Hester

Associate Professor at the University of West London & Author of Xenofeminism

Yuk Hui

Philosopher, Professor at the City University of Hong Kong & Jury member of the Berggruen Prize

Matthew Irvine Brown

Interface, Interaction & Hardware Designer, Los Angeles

Lydia Kallipoliti

Architect, Engineer & Scholar, The Cooper Union

Ed Keller

Artist, Educator and Co-founder of AUM Studio

Aaron Koblin

Artist, Designer & Co-founder of Within, Los Angeles

Bogna Konior

Philosopher & Writer, Assistant Professor of Interactive Media Arts, NYU Shanghai

Kei Kreutler

Writer, Artist, & Researcher

Xin Liu

Artist and Engineer, MIT Media Lab

Cecile Malaspina

Philosopher & Directeur de Programme, Collège International de Philosophie

Suhail Malik

Co-director MFA Fine Art, Goldsmiths College

Geoff Manaugh

Writer & Co-Author of Until Proven Safe: History and Future of Quarantine

Matilde Marcolli

Mathematician, Physicist & Author of Lumen Naturae, Caltech

Achille Mbembe

Political Philosopher, Founder of Innovation for Democracy Foundation, Johannesburg

Lauren Lee McCarthy

Artist and Creator of p5.js

Kyle McDonald

Artist, Coder & Educator, Los Angeles

K Allado-McDowell

Writer & Designer, Google AMI, Author of Pharmako-AI

Lucy McRae

Artist, Body Architect, Visiting Professor, SCI_Arc

Lisa Messeri

Anthropologist, Author of Placing Outer Space, Yale


Artist collective working in filmmaking, writing, and design

Nicholas de Monchaux

Designer & Head of Architecture, MIT

Thomas Moynihan

Historian & Author of X-Risk, University of Oxford

Reza Negarastani

Philosopher & Author of Intelligence and Spirit, New York

Jussi Parrika

Media Theorist, Writer & Professor in Digital Aesthetics and Culture, Aarhus University

Robert Gerard Pietrusko

Architect, Composer & Educator, UPenn

Chen Qiufan

Science Fiction Writer & Author of Waste Tide, Shanghai

Venkatesh Rao

Engineer, Strategist & Consultant, Los Angeles

Martin Rauchbauer

Senior European Cultural and Tech Diplomat

Casey Reas

Programmer, Artist, & Co-Creator of Processing, UCLA

Patricia Reed

Artist, Writer & Designer, Berlin

Tobias Rees

Philosopher, Anthropologist & Director of Transformations of the Human

Jasmine Roberts

Virtual Reality Engineer at Microsoft Research

Justin Rosenstein

Co-founder of Asana & Founder of One Project

Lois Rosson

Historian, Artist & Fellow at the Berggruen Institute

Mindy Seu

Designer, Artist, Assistant Professor of Art & Design, Rutgers

Stephanie Sherman

Strategist, Writer, Director of MA Narrative Environments UAL & Associate Director at Antikythera

Ranjodh Singh Dhaliwal

Associate Professor of Digital Scholarship and English, University of Notre Dame

Benedict Singleton & Marta Ferreira de Sá

Strategists & Founders of RIVAL STRATEGY

Bing Song

Vice President at Berggruen Institute & Director of Berggruen Institute China Center

Nick Srnicek

Lecturer in Digital Economy, King’s College London

Molly Wright Steenson

Professor of Design, Carnegie Mellon

Nicola Twilley

Writer, Podcaster & Co-Author of Until Proven Safe: History and Future of Quarantine

Sara Walker

Astrobiologist & Theoretical Physicist, Arizona State

Claire Webb

Historian, Anthropologist, & Director of Future Humans at Berggruen Institute

Matt Webb

Designer, Writer & Consultant, London

Isabella Weber

Assistant Professor of Economics, University of Massachusetts-Amherst

Eyal Weizman

Architect, Writer & Founder of Forensic Architecture

Peter Wolfendale

Philosopher & Researcher, author of The Revenge of Reason

Liam Young

Speculative Architect, Filmmaker & Director of MS Fiction and Entertainment, SCI_Arc