Planetary Sapience

The evolutionary emergence of natural/artificial intelligence, and how it must now conceive and compose a viable planetarity.  

Planetary Sapience convenes around the role of computation in the discovery of the planetary as a condition, and the emergence of planetary intelligence in various forms.

The Antikythera program will conjoin two connotations of the term “planetarity”: one scientific/astronomical and another normative/philosophical. The first sense of planetary is the geophysical entity from which all terrestrial thought emerges, the second sense includes the deliberate and deliberative composition that is inspired by thought comprehending itself in such terms and grasping its implications.

The present historical moment seems interminable but may be fleeting. It is defined by a paradoxical challenge. How can the ongoing emergence of planetary intelligence comprehend its own evolution and the astronomical preciousness of sapience, and simultaneously recognize itself in the reflection of the violence from which it emerged and against which it struggles to survive?

Put directly, what future would make this past worth it? As the evolution of planetary intelligence was grounded in cascading centuries of pilotless destruction, its future is now existentially entwined with a radically different career for composition, foresight and order-giving. Taking this seriously demands a different sort of speculative and practical philosophy, and a corresponding sort of computation.