Antikythera’s five-month speculative design-research Studio runs from February to June 2023. Studio Researchers from diverse professional backgrounds (including all design disciplines, architecture, computer science, economics, philosophy, history, science and technologies studies, political science, digital media, filmmaking, and others) will take part in collaborative design briefs, theory seminars, and technical workshops to create projects contributing to a growing body of research building on the program’s themes. Project outcomes will take form as theory, cinema, software, models, prototypes, policies and more. Concepts ideated during the Studio may be further developed through a network of supporters after the five month program. The Studio is directed by designer and creative director Nicolay Boyadjiev. 

The program is split between Los Angeles, Mexico City and Seoul. Studio researchers will be supported with a housing provision and a monthly stipend of 4000 USD per month (or equivalent relative to location) for the duration of the program. The trips to Mexico City and Seoul will be also covered by the program, along with other associated program costs.

Applications for the 2023 Studio ran from October 4th to November 11th 2022.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who should apply to the Studio?

Antikythera will bring together a diverse cohort of researchers from different backgrounds, disciplines, perspectives, and levels of experience. The Antikythera research themes engage global challenges that necessitate harnessing a diversity of thought and expertise. Anyone who is passionate about the program research themes is strongly encouraged to apply. We accept applications from every discipline and background, from established to emerging researchers. Applicants do not need to meet any specific set of educational or professional experience.

Is the Studio an education program?

No, Antikythera is not an education program. It is an interdisciplinary project-driving think-tank with Affiliate and Studio Researchers. The Antikythera Studio is an intensive research and development program that brings together Affiliate Researchers and Studio Researchers for collaborative projects across the program’s research themes, working in response to carefully crafted briefs. While the Studio builds upon a phased approach previously led by the team at Strelka Institute, it does not offer a postgraduate curriculum to its participants and is based on a different project model.

What do I need to do to apply to the 2023 Studio program?

Applicants will need to complete an online Application Form where they will answer questions describing their interest in the Antikythera program and research themes. Alongside the application form, applicants will also need to submit the following documents alongside the application form:

  • CV
  • Portfolio PDF (less than 2 MB / 20 pages)
  • 1-2 min video intro (see info in Application Form)
  • Reference Letter(s) (including contact information). If you are unable to submit your Reference Letter(s) by November 11th, you can still submit your application. Please inform us at

    with your name in the subject line

When do I apply, and what is the process of admission?

Applications are open from October 4th to November 11th, and decisions/final invitations will be made by December 11th. Applications and admissions to Antikythera consist of a 4-step process:

  1. Submission of online application by November 11th;
  2. Review of application material by the selection committee;
  3. Online interviews with shortlisted candidates (early December);
  4. Final selection and confirmation of participants by December 11th;

Is the Studio program free / fully funded?

Yes, the program is free and fully funded by Antikythera. Studio researchers will be supported with a housing provision and a monthly stipend of 4000 USD per month (or equivalence relative to location) for the duration of the program. The trips to Mexico City and Seoul will be also covered by the program, along with other associated program costs.

Is the Studio program in person and full-time?

Yes, the Studio program requires a full-time commitment. PhD researchers completing an advanced research degree related to the core themes must be on sabbatical or leave to participate. Some applicants may also take a leave from industry to participate. There is no part-time participation option. We understand this commitment may be logistically challenging for some, but a full time commitment is critical for the success of the Studio collaborations. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you may require any accommodations or have any questions regarding the full-time, in-person nature of the program.

Do I need a Visa?

The Studio is a traveling program with time spent between the USA, Mexico, and South Korea. Applicable visa requirements set by these countries will apply and will vary depending on your nationality. We are working to ensure access to the program for all, and anyone who is passionate about the research themes of the Antikythera program is strongly encouraged to apply now.

Can I apply as a group/collective, or is the program open only for individuals?

We accept applicants from individuals only. Collaborators and duos interested in taking part in the program will need to apply separately as individuals.

Will I work on my own individual projects during the Studio program?

No, program participants work on various changing multidisciplinary team-based briefs throughout the program, driven by the Antikythera research themes. Researchers apply their practical skills and theoretical perspectives to collaborative project research and concept development ranging from strategic plans, cinematic proposals, software and/ or programs, and policies. There are no plans for any individually initiated projects at this time.