Synthetic Intelligence

The longer-term implications of machine intelligence, particularly as seen through the lens of artificial language.

AI and the Philosophy of AI have evolved in a tight coupling, informing and delimiting one another. Our vocabulary’s ability to describe what artificial language is and is not marks a threshold where philosophy of AI must invent a new framework.

Synthetic Intelligence traces the implications of artificial intelligence, particularly through cognitive infrastructures such as large language models. Antikythera explores the path cleared for the philosophy of synthetic intelligence by the externalization of thought in technical systems. What is reflected back is not necessarily human-like. The view is beyond anthropomorphic notions of AI and toward fundamental concern with machine intelligence as, in the words of Stanisław Lem, an existential technology.

Specific areas of focus for the Antikythera program will work on large foundational models, natural and artificial language, models of mind, animal cognition, urban automation, machine sensing, anthropic bias, and the global history of machine intelligence beyond standard Western narratives. The questions posed must be drawn from diverse cultures and contexts but also invented in concert with the ongoing evolution of intelligence in all its guises. The planetary future of AI extends and alters conceptions of artificiality and what intelligence’s provenance may be.