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Antikythera is a think tank reorienting planetary computation as a philosophical, technological, and geopolitical force. 

At some moments in history, philosophy outpaces technology. Today, technology has far outpaced theory. Antikythera develops a philosophy of technology to catch us up to the present. 

As Stanislaw Lem described, some technologies are instrumental, providing new tools through which to change the world, others are existential, revealing aspects of the world previously unknowable and changing our fundamental capacity to know the world. Computation is both.

Antikythera takes its name from the first known computer ー the antikythera mechanism ー which was an instrument for planetary orientation, navigation, prediction, and planning. The name serves as inspiration for investigations of computational technologies that reveal and accelerate planetary intelligence.  

Antikythera researches the past, present, and future of planetary computation, developing scenarios through interdisciplinary Studios, Salons and multimedia Publications. The program operates on a two-year cycle. In the first year, intensive design-research studios surface key ideas and speculations. In the second year, focused design-development studios and working groups deepen ideas and projects with partners across academia, industry, and civil society. Contributors are vastly interdisciplinary and work across design, technology, philosophy, engineering, art, social sciences and the humanities.

Antikythera was founded in 2022 and is directed by philosopher of technology Benjamin Bratton. The think tank produces design research and scenarios that advance the philosophy of technology through collaborations with foundations, think tanks, companies, and civil society organizations.

Antikythera is incubated at the Berggruen Institute, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization with offices in Los Angeles, Beijing, and Venice.

To support Antikythera or for any other inquiries, contact us.

To support Antikythera or for any other inquiries, contact us.